Fashion design allow to express each personalities true being.Yolanta Design is created to offer unique vision of the women's fashion. Decade long experience leads to well fitted and esthetic looks. To read more go to blog.

Each dress is specially designed to reach demands of sofisticated, independent and busy women.Fashion takes some part of everybody's life as we all are the part of social life and its demands. Some people are more involved in established rules and requirements, some tries to create their own path and statements. As far as I remember myself, I was into creations from early age. It is real joy to bring imagination in the real life. It could be funny sometimes when womens follow you as it was happens to me several times. For instance at LA department store. Finally through the floors I got to RR to hide from them, but they approached with only obsessed question- where you got these boots. At that time I had the shoe production and did create summer boots from alligator leather (sorry to all alligator lovers) I told them- I created at my studio. They start to laugh. I was young and start to laugh too. The well made quality of the product did not stick together with my youngster look in their value scale. Although by that time I had several fashion shows in Berlin, Hamburg, Wienna, Duseldorf, Paris. As I enjoy the design of any kind my inspiration varies from beautiful people to unique forms of nature. As I had learn numerous textures and forms, I discovered that same shapes that you may see on the ground , you may see at the ocean by deep diving. For instance coral has same look as Russula rubra mushroom (Lat). I collect them if it is allowed by law and to show the friends, look, mother nature are lazy to craete the new shapes, she putted upside down and it is fullfil its functions>.

More you will look, more you will find. I believe that anyone has such a finding in their life. As most valuable thing in our life is love and collaboration between people. The individual attitude brings certain people together or aside. Thus any object or fashion peace, which comes into our life is going to bring changes too. Lets say if you have glamorous thougths and simple look, it will never turn opposite, simlpe mind and glamouros look. More sophisticated and ongoing person you are, more simplicity you will appriciate. As your personallity grows , demand for special look will increase. My brand represents creative, contemporary feminine looks among with lightweight, flowy, newest type of fabrics of best quality, which is on the market for the past few years. My main goal is to make my clients happy with their look and the smiles which I got back is incredible.

Yolanta Vadopalasa


Maxim Makarenko

Graphic designer

Vadim Denis

IT Developer